Out of the Game


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International project feat. mythical figures from the worldwide hardcore family including members of Last Hope, Vendetta SCT, Dog Eat Dog, Next Step Up, Trapped Under Ice, DC Disorder, Darkest Hour, Hardfaced, Indignity, Another Day, Adriatic, BFH, Get-Some, Brothers in Blood, Tumno, Panaka, Bicheto, Incriminal, Face Up, Meanstream ...

Sofia meets Washington, DC by way of New York, Baltimore, The Hague, Brisbane, Varna, Ohrid ...


released June 10, 2017

Don D - guitars/bass
Marin Vendetta - drums

Additional guitars - Chavdar Valchev, Vasil Rusev - Chaikata, Mike Schleibaum Darkest Hour and Sven BIB/Get-Some

Recorded by
Nikolay Berberov @ SubZero Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mike Schleibaum @Darkest Hour Studio, Takoma Park, MD
Tim Mullaney @Genocide Pact Garage, Takoma Park, MD

Additional recordings at studios in Brisbane, Australia, The Hague, Netherlands, Varna, Bulgaria and Ohrid, Macedonia

Mix and master Michael W. Hatalak @Wreckage Studios, NY



all rights reserved


Secret Society Washington, D.C.

International hardcore project feat. guests from Last Hope, Vendetta, Next Step Up, Dog Eat Dog, Trapped Under Ice, Expectations, Oldham Boys, DC Disorder, BFH, Indignity, Another Day, Darkest Hour, Adriatic, Тъмно, Панака, Meanstream (RIP), Get-Some, Piranha, Brothers in Blood ... ... more

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Track Name: RIDE OR DIE (feat Dido Vendetta/Face Up, George Expectations/Покой and SDB Vendetta/Piranha)
Ride or die - fuck this world Up!
Ride or die - leave it all behind

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted-Dead or alive!

Soldiers stand up! It's time to disown, all that holds us back - ride or die, till the wheels fall off!
Our way, our law - we can't be tamed, we're the end of it all (2)

Ride or die - fuck this world Up!
Ride or die - leave it all behind

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted-Dead or alive!

Set the course for pure annihilation, our path is now lit!
Bring it down to the ground, to reshape and rebuild!
Our way, our law - we can't be tamed, we're the end of it all (2)
Track Name: VAN THERAPY (feat. Brad Trapped Under Ice/DC Disorder, John Connor Dog Eat Dog, Sven and Jos Get-Some, and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)
Therapy - in the van!
Everyday - till the end!

Start a band, write a song
Going out on tour!
Merch is packed, drums are back,
I am with my crew!
not the Yellow Submarine - the Hellvan is white
Baba G, LPG - Kosyo is always right!

- - - - - - Hellvan in the way,
- - - - - - - Promoters run away
- - - - - - - gotta play the game
- - - - - - - the band is getting paid

- - - - 10 hours drive
- - - - - - the backstage is nice
- - - - - - - refresh and recharge
- - - - - - - - -Coretex got it right

DO you, do remember the days? do you remember the hell van?

Therapy in the van, day by day till the end!

Time is up, jump on stage - blast the German gear!
Amps on fire, drums on edge - shredding without fear!
Mosh with me, a riff away - do the toxic waltz!
new jack, old head - dive into the mosh!

- - - - - - - - getting off the stage
- - - - - - - - - only 10 mistakes
- - - - - - - - - - the energy expires
- - - - - - - - - - -Backstage rock-stars

- - - - - - - - back into the van
- - - - - - - - - driving till the end
- - - - - - - - - Running out of gas
- - - - - - - - - fucking Hellvan!

Do you, do you remember the day? Do you remember the hellvan?

Fantasy, reality - Living in a dream
Kids and wife, kids and wife, but I still believe
From DC to Sofia and back on the plane
Double bass is coming - do you feel the pain


SOFIA - DC - SLATINA - 2nd street
Track Name: PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH (feat. JR Next Step Up/Oldham Boys, Alex Last Hope and Sven Brothers in Blood/Get-Some)
Practice what you preach you fucking hypocrite
Demons from the past tearing you apart, keeping you alive

Everything you wanted, everything you dare
There is a reason for persistence and you never quit!

From Baltimore to Sofia bringing back the beatdown style hardcore
Next Step Up, Secret Society - they are coming out for you!
What goes around comes back around, yeah we call it Karma
Actions leading to reactions, now it's coming down on you!
Track Name: 90s HARDCORE TRIBUTE (Dewon Sinister DC, Dime Hardfaced and JR Next Step Up/Oldham Boys)
Alpha omega, streets of hate, the age of quarrel, you were never there
Old New York you know it from the books, don't pretend - you're from Benelux
92 Punishment came out, MTV - that's what it's all about!

Biohazard started trying something new, groove and guitars, tales from da hood
Agnostic Front returned, Madball took the torch, 25 Ta life brought it back and more

Old generation - all winding down
Youth Crew years over - metal's on the rise
DC was a myth, the Brains seeking Jah
Every euro kid gagsta overnight

Integrity, Marauder - darkness and despair, Earth Crisis, Snapcase lookinglass yourself
Hatebreed kept is real since 1994, Terror took it over a decade ago!

Stop All Your Lies
All Your Lies
Your Good Life
Ain't no Harley's War

Old generation all winding down
Youth Crew years over - metal's on the rise
Old school got reborn by Trapped Under Ice
New cycle started - dance with Turnstile tonight!
Track Name: STUDIO RAT (feat. Mike Schleibaum Darkest Hour/Battery, Dewon Sinister DC, Dime Hardfaced, JR Next Step Up and John Connor Dog Eat Dog)
Deep in the basement
Hanging all day
Recording and saving
Copy and paste
Bounce and rebounce
Reverb and delay
Underground king recording a band!

Track after track,
band after band
obeying the king!

Studio Rat underground king!
Studio Rat recording the scene!

Flames in the eyes burning the screen
Sleepless nights racing with riffs
Tracking guitars, deleting again
Tracking the bass, nobody cares
Drawing the drums, twisting the voice
Only thing real is the gang vox!!

Studio rat is the studio King!

Studio king turn up the gain! Turn up the gain!
Track Name: MARGINALIZED ( feat. John Connor Dog Eat Dog and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto
They want to divide us by: geographically, economically, by race, our gender, pushing people to the margins
Im doing this here for those without a voice
You could never know what we know
Because you didn’t walk in our shoes
I sing a song for those with no voice
I stand for those who cant on they own
Bleed for the ones with no heart
I’ll be the brave when the weak and the sheep fall apart, I hold em up
Noo ohh
They can not neutralize us
Or push me to the side
You will never separate us
We wont be marginalized
You see things only in black and white
In a worlds that’s increasingly grey
I can not believe anything that you say
So I create my own truth to suit the rules of this place
Fit and in shape I push the pace. .lets go pick it up
Noo ohh
They can not neutralize us Or push me to the side
You will never separate us We wont be marginalize
This is for those who take me too casually
Then act all surprised when they have witnessed my savagery
No one has amnesty from the agony
march in casually to display the casualties

Not dropping bombs anymore
This is a media war
Please tell me where I have seen this all before?
I will not stand on the side or be easily marginalized
I’ll die for my fucking rights I was raised to stand up and fight
Track Name: PC SMILE (feat. Itzo Indignity, Stambeto Indignity/Another Day and Chavesa ex-Last Hope/Redrum/Urban Grey)
Why they've never been accepted? Everyday the same mistrust
Boiling anger on the inside, turning heads in pure disgust

Pushed into the corner ( gangs X 2) organized oppression, humanity in chains
Poverty, despair (gangs X 2) viscous cycle struggle far way from me
Ashes falling down (gangs X 2), generations trapped, no way to escape
Evil's closing in, terror everywhere, turning their pain into revenge

End the hate,
human fate,
end the hate,
end, end end ...

End the hate, look around, prejudice has kept us down,
For all these years we never learned that ignorance is not an excuse
Privilege, entitlement, bigotry is on our minds
Conformity, hypocrisy we mask behind a PC smile
Track Name: HELLO FROM THE GUTTER (feat. Chavesa ex-Last Hope, John Connor Dog Eat Dog, Dime Hardfaced and JR Next Step Up)
Every city has gutters - out of the sight
Rats and roaches are buried - there's no way out
Mainstream fashion and order - keeping them blind
The spikes are breaking the surface - the spikes of my crown!

The city keeps its secrets - under the ground
The gutter breeds a monster - exit denied
The King is coming to power - better step back
The Crown is blinding the fools - finally out!

UNDER THE GROUND - I hold the crown
UNDER THE GROUND - My time is now
BREAKING THE GROUND - still hold the crown

Track Name: BETTER SAVE YOURSELF (feat. Alex Last Hope and Boro Meanstream)
You better try save yourself (3) before I end your pain

I can't stand all the bullshit that surrounds us - all the massive lies
But I see you ready to believe and buy this following the hype

You better try save yourself (3) before I end your pain

This propaganda killing all your brain cells it's falling down
And you'll have to pay a higher price, before you go to hell

Better save yourself before saving anyone else

I can't believe a word you say - no remedy
This is a world of hypocrisy - no remedy

There's no religion, no gods - nothing to save you from yourself
No redemption, no forgiveness - no peace of mind
Track Name: 20 YEARS MORE (feat. Stoyan BFH/Adriatic, Sammy Sharks and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)
Hardcore made me who I am today
Hardcore taught me never to obey.

Meanstream, Face up and Last Hope
Showed me a world I would have never known
Hard times, good times, we made it through
with Divorced Friends, BFH and Pizza Crew
20 years passed
And we’re still here
20 years gone
we have no fear
and 20 years more
we’ll be going strong
for 100 years to come
let’s sing along

We were kids
we grew up
hardcore music
became our life
we keep the message
in our hearts
our kids
have joined the fight.

Hardcore saved my life